ClassicPress versus WordPress – a comparison

DIY your site
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Surfing my various social media accounts I stumbled upon a valuable question: Which is best: ClassicPress or WordPress? First of all, let’s get rid of a trap. There are literally tons of Content Management Systems (CMS) and coding languages, not just WordPress or ClassicPress. Which is good for you depends on what you are building […]

DIY your site – selecting CMS/platform.

DIY your site
This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series DIY Your Site

You decided to DIY your site, now what? First of all congratulations! No matter the reason leading you to this particular choice, I admire your stepping up. Among the many questions running around in your mind, one has to be tackled now. Which platform/CMS am I going to build on? This is one of the […]

ClassicPress – My journey so far.


As you can see, I updated the sidebar with a new widget (thanks to CodePotent for developing it! And by the way, I linked his ClassicPress dedicated repo so you can find all his ClasscPress plugins. This site currently is equipped with Registration Honeypot, WYSIWYG Advanced, Discourse Stats Widget, and Username Protection). It’s a way […]

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